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Uniquely Coloured Bulldogs - Contract of Sale

The Uniquely Colored Bulldogs Contract of Sale is as follows: (click here for printable version)
This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of purchase or pick up. If said puppy is declared to be in unacceptable health by a licensed Veterinarian with in the first 48 hours excluding Sundays and Holidays, a cash refund or a replacement puppy of equal value will be given provided that ALL the following requirements are met..
  1. The puppy is declared in unacceptable health by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of purchase (excluding Sundays).
  2. The buyer retains a WRITTEN statement from the veterinarian within 48 hours describing the problem.
  3. The puppy is returned to Uniquely Coloured Bulldogs with all registration paperwork.
  4. Buyer understands that seller can and will not guarantee color, size, height or weight of puppy upon maturity.
  5. Buyer understands that this puppy was bred in quality blood lines.
  6. Buyer assumes full responsibility for the health, appearance and temperament of the puppy.
  7. Buyer understands there is no warranty against Hypoglycemia, Coccidia, Hip or Joint problems, Parasites, Cherry eye, Stenotic Nares, Inguinal or Umbilical Hernias, Undescended Testicles, Abnormal Eye Lashes, Ectropion Rolling Out of the Eyelids, Entropion Rolling In of the Eyelids, Hypoplasia of Trachea, Abnormal Tear Production, Viral; Bacterial Infections, because there are too many variables as to why some of these problems can occur that are not just hereditary.
  8. Buyer understands there is no warranty against Demodectic mange (Demodecosis) as this type of mange lays dormant in all puppies and can and will develop during times of stress, change of environment, and so forth.
  9. Buyer understands that the SELLER WILL NOT PAY ANY VETERINARIAN FEES WHATSOEVER and that any expenditures buyer might incur in attempt to correct any problem with the puppy buyer is purchasing today will be the sole responsibility of the buyer and WILL NOT BE DEFRAYED OR REIMBURSED BY SELLER IN ANY WAY.
  10. Should the puppy die of a birth defect within six months of the time of purchase, we will provide a replacement puppy of equal or lesser value. If one of equal or lesser value is not available, then the buyer has to pay the cost difference. To qualify for this warranty, you must have kept the puppy under the care of a licensed veterinarian. The veterinarian must perform an autopsy at your cost and send copies of all findings to me for review. The care must include all vaccinations recommended by the veterinarian. To make a claim you must bring a signed certificate from the veterinarian stating cause of death and a copy of ALL of your puppy’s health records. If there are no puppies available, one will be provided from the next available litter whelped. Any shipping arrangements will be the buyer’s responsibility. The records will then be reviewed by my licensed veterinarian,at which time a decision will be made.  My veterinarian must agree with the diagnosis of your veterinarian.
  11. Buyer understands that in order for the above to be in effect, the pet MUST be kept on the NU-Vet Supplements. Your new pet leaves us having been on these supplements.
  12. Buyer understands and accepts the terms and conditions as stated above and understands there are NO other warranties or guarantees other than what is stated above.

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